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tv   CBS2 This Morning Early Edition  CBS  December 2, 2015 5:00am-6:00am CST

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have a great dayn cbs 2 this rjght now on cbs 2 this morning...the lateses information from a cedar rapids murder trial three years in the making. the results from two eastern iowa runoff elections for local city leader positions. welcome to cbs two this morning...i'm kevin bbarry. barry.and i'm kelly d'ambrosio.
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testimony will continue this morning inin corrdior murder trial.that's after a jury was seated and opening statements delivered on tuesday. tuesday.this case is focused on a man accused of killing his mother nearly three years ago. agw.prosecutors say 47-year-old edward c cic violentltlbeat his mother with a crow-bar to steal and abuse her prescription drugs.cusic's attorney doesn't deny his client killed his mother --
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"and the defendant repeatedly struck his mother, over and over at least eight times. absolutely unleashing on his mother til she was dead." dead.""so which theory, as you listen to this evidence, makes more sense? that the defendant just decided to kill his mother to get some prescription drugs? or that he did it because he was out of his mind." mind."testimony is expected to continue through the rest of the week.if convicted of first degree murder -- cusic would face a mandatory sentence of life in prison wiwi no chance for parole. two local elections have finally been decided.two black hawk county mayoral races from november went to a runoff runoffwe begin in waterloo with an open mayoral race paired down to two candidates. quentin hart will become the next mayor of waterloo, defeating former mayor tim hurley.hart received 59 percent of the vote yesterday. in cedar fallslsthere were only two names on the ballot for mayor, but *three men earning votes.incumbent jon
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bid after election night, but rules required his name to stay on the ballot, despite endorsing his opponent, jim brown.meanwhile, dave halterman, who finished third last month, mounted a write-in campaign to take the top post. post.but it was unsuccessful, crews' endorsement of jim brown helped him sail to an easy victory with -percent of the final vote. christmas in the corridor might be a little sweeter for kids this season. for tots tries to hand out gifts to more than two thousand kids. kids.time is running out - -but cbs 2 news reporter steffi lee is live at united fire group to show you how you can help out last minute. minute.kevin and kelly - the goal of toys for tots is to fill these boxes so presents like these will go into the hands of children in need christmas morning. morning.thursday will be one of the last days where you can drop off a giftftyou will see these boxes everywhere - here in cedar rapids, cbs 2 news has partnered with capriatti's near lindale mall and united fire group where we're live
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for newborns to age 14.the salvation army says this will help families still celebrate this christmas - a little light in their lives as many continue to struggle financially. "use your money for the important things,for rent and utilits and things like e that and let us help you - "use your money for the important things,for rent and utilities and things like that and let help you - the community hehe you with other things. and i think people take that to heart. and we get to hear stories of people applying and storieof why people need to come. " "on thursday morning, you can drop off a toy at our station over at broadcast park - that will last from 5 in the morning until 6 p.m.the cedar rapids salvation army also needs volunteers to sort and hand out these toys next week. live in ... steffi lee, cbs 2 ws. an update from chicago, chicago,where mayor rahm superintdent. .that's after dash camera video of a shoooong was
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showing a white officer shooting a black teen 16 times. the mayor says police can only do their job when they have the trust from the pepele they serve. "supt and i began a discussion on sunday about the direction of the dept and the undeniable fact that the public trust in the leadership of the police department has been aken and eroded." eroded."the officer accused in the shooting has been charged with murder.the department of justice has now been asked to investigate the chicago p-d. ininaltimore -- a jury i i expected to be picked today in the first trial stemming from the death of freddie gray.he died from injuries he suffered while in police custody last april.six officers have been charged in his death -- william porter is the first to head to trial.a court spokeswoman said they also may make said they also may make opening statements today too. despite frequent white house denials, more troops are heading to iraq to face combat roles. roles.defense secretary ash carter says the u-s is expanding u-s special
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help iraqi and kurdish forces fight isis militants.dozens of special forces troops will over time be troops will over time be able to conduct raids, free hostages, gather intelligence and capture isis leaders.carter says the forces will also be able to conduct similar missions in syria. a bi-partisan group of former top republican and democratic officials support resettling syrian and iraqi refugees in the united states. states.the group, including henry kissinger, george shultz and madeleine albright, sent a letter to congress saying the country should help protect the world's most vulnererle people, regardless of religion or nationality.last month, the house voted to make it more difficult for them to come to the u-s.that legislation though, is still pending in the senate. after a nearly decade of bickering, bickering,lawmakers are finally ready to pass a highway bill. bill.the house and senate have agreed on a 5 year -- 281- billion dollar transportation bill that would fix the country's aging highways.
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address the increase in funding it will does let local and state agencies plan major -- multi-year projects.the bill must still be voted on -- but it's expected to be passed by friday. texas has more time to plan its case against the white house's immigration program -- but not as much time as it hoped for. for.26 states s e getting ready for a possible supreme court case against the president's plan to make more programs eligible to millions of undocumented immigrants.the states are against the plan -- and a lower court has already blocked -- the white house is looking to the supreme court to reverse the ruling.the justices have not said if they will hear the case -- but thth did grant those states eight extra days for preparation. after 23 years of military service -- iowa senator joni ernst has retired from the iowa national guard. guararher service included a deployment to iraq in 2003 where she served as a company commander -- and herhusband is a retired army ranger.
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to spend more time with her family and will have "a greater opportunity to continue meeting with, hearing from and serving iowans in her capacity as a united states senator." in johnson county, county,it't'now been more t tn a a month since a minimum wage hike went into effect. effect.on november first the county jumped from seven dollars and twenty five cents an hour to eight dollars and twenty cents.some business ners say the increase has already forced them to cut hours, staffing and raise prices.other business owners say they believe the raises will be hard at first, but that the money will eventually come back to those local businesses. john weber, luxe interiors owner/designer 08:12:25 "i look at this area and all the restaurants and service people and what have you, a university town being expensive to live in, you know we need to provide a living wage for those people."" people."the county's board of supervisors approved the raises back in will eventually be raised to 10-10 by 20-17. and city offifials in tiffin will go along with the wage ordinance.they previously had
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about three weeks ago, but it hasn't returned to the city council's agenda since.oxford, shueyville, solon and swisher all opted out to keep the wage at 7-25. it's coming up next... next...the holiday season miracle for one family in oregon.
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the holiday season always brings lots of season always
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brings lots of great memories, memories,and a family in oregon is having an extra special one, they'll never forget. forget.kaitlyn bolduc explains why christmas has come early for them. them. (nats - mom)"hellooo!"pippin is home. though not everyone side - knows thatatet. they're about to.(nats - boys) "is this a joke? no? can you believe it.. it's pippin.. it's pippin.. can you believe it.. oh pippin! thank you so much mom.. can you believe it? he doesn't look different! best christmas present ever.. what what what!?"and as if no time - has gone by at all. (nats)"she remembers you. she's so cute."pippin settles right back in.(nats - mom)"it was amazing to think after a year she recognized us, but she clearly did."once it all starts to hit them - she's really back.(nats)"i'm'must so
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too. (kisses, pats shoulder) they want to know where she's been.(nats)"so what happened? the police called me today and said they found her." washington county deputies say penelope whipple - is the woman who for some reason - walked off with pippin on that december day of last year. they got a tip she was keeping the dog at her sherwood home and went to check it out. after finding the dog there, they had a vet look at her microchip. and sure enough, it was pippin. (nats in house)but this family says they're choosing not to focus - on all of that.(cara esau/mother)"she's healthy, we're just so happy. she's amazing."instead, they're making up for lost time.(cara esau/mother)"we e ught a stocking for her last year and put little presents in it. she never got to have the stocking, but we still have it with the presents in it." meaning this year - in the esau house - christmas came earlrl(nats)"merry christmas! merry christmas pippin!
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now facing felony theft charges. charges.that's because the dog is considered a companion animal, the mily was training her to help one of the boys with his diabetes. diabetes. it's now on this morning. morning.after the break... break...why the hawks have nothing to lose when they hit
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welcome back -- it's now we're taking a look at your_______ your_______ hehe's a look at some of eastern iowa's top stories -- on this morning... in marion, the linn-mar school district is considering a proposal to consolidate its preschool program.right now, about 250-preschool students attend classes in three different buildings.the
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one.a committee will look at costs and determine a location. the changes could become reality in three to five yeyes. in i ia city -- events wililgo on all week to honor world aids day.students at the university of iowa kicked off iowa city red week -- standing at the steps of the old capitol reading the names of peopop who've died from m ds. later today from 11 to 3pm -- free h-i-v testing will be available at the iowa city public library in meeting room a "um... we are probably the team that's not suppose to be there so what the heck, lets go cut it loose, see what happens." you got a love that -- remember last year when n rk ferentntwas on the hot seat, well the new kirk's or i should say maverick kirk's seat is ice cold -- and he's got some more hardware to put up in his officethe big 10 named ferentz the conference's coach of the yeye -- it's the 4th time captian kirk has won the award, the last time was 2009... the hawks also stayed put at 4th in the latest college football playoff poll
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belong.usly we've been out on a mission from day 1 and that started last january we've been out to prove everybody wrong, and really it's about us and what we do... "in a lot of people's'syes we weren't supposed to be here right now. i say that tongue in cheek because it's important to us. it's not like we're out there just winging it. we're treating this just like any other game. we're trying to put a really good plan in place. so far this season the steve promomera has been perfect -- pefect on the road -- perfect in the emerald coast classic -- and pefect at home -- the clones were back at hilton ready for some more magic iowa state hosting north dakota s se matt campbell ininhe house -- and he'd like what he saw -- a lot of cyclone offense -- monte morris with the alley -- jameal mckay -- bringin' the oop -- a montster double double for mckay -- 15 points and 19 boardsthen later in the first -- abdul nader -- later gator -- nadar drops in three of his game high 21-- iowa state stays perfect -- 84 to high school hoops -- linn mar taking on waukee.. the students were readyand so
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quarter jordan bohannon -- the future hawkeye -- pulls out his best matt bohannon -- or jason bohannon -- or even zach bohannon impression -- with the step back three -- bohannon finished with 11and check this out -- closing seconds of the quarter -- jared printy -- pulls up and beats the buzzer -- printy led the liononwith 16 -- but waukee would get the win -- 63 to 5252 the girls side -- kennedy looking for their first win of the season hosting waterloo west cougars jumped out to an early lead -- wahawks trying to come back -- aliyah robinson stops and pops for twobut waterloo west couldn't stop ashley hamilton -- she dials long distance and connects in the corner for three -- cougars win 81 --44 1-a's number e ----springville hosting cedar valley christian huskies down in the 2nd quarter but not going away -- candace wilson drops in the floaterbut the orioles flew by after that -- rylee menster turns up the
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thanks. drake is the most streamed
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2015.spotify announced its end-of-the-year list tuesday and says drake earned one- point-eight billion streams in the past year.that makes him the most streamed artist of the year globally. globally.rihanna was the year's most streamed female performer with one billion.and the most streamed song was major lazer's "lean on," it had five hundred and forty million n treams. streams.most streamed album was the weekend's "beauty behind the madness."ed sheeran, the weekend, maroon five and kanye west follow drake for most streamed artist. artist.but good old justin bieber has the record for most streams in one day with
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good morning again -- thanks
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right now on cbs 2 this morning...the latest infofoation about how a prisoner was held partially responsible for a smuggling scandal at the anamosa state prison. the reason local planned parenthood employees say they still go to work -- knowing e risks they might be taking. welcome to cbs two this morning...i'm kevin bbbry. d'ambrosio. let's get a check of our cbs 2
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now an update to a story out of anamosa. anamosa.recocos show that prison inmate wesley ziegler has been punished for his role in a cell phone smuggling ring uncovered at the state penitentiary.ziegler was punished in october with confinement and d transferred back to kansas -- which was paying iowa to house him on robbery and kidnapping convictions. convictions.ziegler is the only inmate to face punishment for the smuggling ring.four former prpron guards have pleaded guilty to charges relating to the ring.nine prison employees were fired or resigned.
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moinesended last night with the man wanted for questioning in monday's double homicide getting arrested. arrested.on monday -- police found two children alive in a home where two adults were killed.our sister station -- k-c-c-i in des moines is reporting that police found a suspect -- 35 year old michael wanchanic last night on a nearby highway. they blocked off the road on both sides until he surrendered. surrendered.wanchaninilived at e home where the homicides took place, but is not related to the victims. two local elections have finally been decided.two black hawk county mayoral races from november, went to a runoff. runoff.weweegin in waterloo with an open mayoral race. quentin hart will be the next mayor of waterloo -- beating former mayor tim hurley.hart got 59 percent of the vote yesterday. turning to cedar falls now -- there were only two names on the ballot for mayor -- but there were *three men pulling in votes.incumbent jon crews ended his re-election bid after election night -- but the rules required his name stay on the ballot even after he endorsed his opponent --
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finished third last month -- and mounted a write-in campaign. campaign.jim brown cruised to an easy victory with 75- percent of the final vote. local planned parenthood leaders are speaking out after the shooting rampage at a clinic in colorado springs. springs.three people died when robert deer attacked the clinic last week. here in the corridor, doctor jill meadows tells cbs 2 news that as planned parenthood is talked about more in the news, they generally see an increase in hate mail and protesters outside clinics.she says the past few months have been no different, but it's important for her and her co-workers to go to work every day anyway. it is very meaningful to me to provide a positive presense at a time when in a person's life when she most deserves our care and compassion. compassion.dr. meadows says they are constantly re- evaluating and upgrading procedures around her facilili totomake sure everyone stays safe. as christmas approaches -- toys for tots is hoping to bring smiles to more than two
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cbs 2 news reporter effi lee is live at unitit fire groro to show you what you can do these last few days to help out. out.steffi? steffi?many of us remember waking up christmas morning excited for our favorite toys - more than one hundred boxes like this one at united fire group need to be filled up with these by the end of this week. week.thursday will be one of the last days where you can drop off a will see these boxes everywhere - here in cedar rapids, cbs 2 news has pattnered with capriatti's near lindale mall as for tots is for newborns to age 14.some toy ideas are dolls, planes, and stuffed animals. animals. ashleigh belin - ufg (( 9:25;18 )) " we just encourage people to get involved in any way they can whether it's giving a toy or volunteering or even setting up a box within their own organization .. anyway you can give back k is helpful this season. "
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drop off a toy at our station over at broadcast park - that will last from 5 in the morning until 6 p.m.the cedar rapids salvation army also needs volunteers to sort and hand out these toys next week. toys next out these toys next t in ... steffi lee, cbs 2 news. the iowa hawkeyes are number four in the college football playoff rankings. rankings.the new numbers were released last night.the top four remained the same as last week, but michigan state, who iowa plays this saturday, jumped to number five, making the game essentially a play in game for the playoffs. and the head hawkeye has already received some hardware for this record season.tuesday kirk ferentz was awarded with his fourth big ten coach of the year honor.he also won the award in 2002, 2004 and 2009. the hawkeyes are 12-0 for the first time in school history. last year, they went only 7- and-6. if you're following the hawkeyes to indianapolis this
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you're going to want to make. make.lafayetteteindiana is home to the cheapest gas in the country right now, according to gas buddy dot com. some stations there have fuel for as low as a dollar 39 - which is 45-cents lower than the national verage.if you can't make it - gas should be pretty cheap almost every- where else.analysts predict the national average could be under two-bucks a gallon by this weekend. at the university of iowa iowanew president bruce harreld is requesting more than five million dollars in additional funding for university faculty. faculty.iowa state university president steven leath is doing the me -- requesting more than eight million for faculty there.the two presidents say they want the additional state funding to add faculty members and give raises to keep the schools competitive. mark zuckerberg is a new dad and he's celebrating with a pledgegeto give billions of dollars to a new mission. mission.zuckerberg announced on facebook that his wife -- facebook that his wife -- priscilla chan -- gave birth to the couple's daughter -- uaxima chan zuckerberg -- early last week.the couple
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percent of their facebook stock -- worth about 45 billion dollars -- during their lives to promote equality and the human potential. house speaker paululyan will light the u-s capitol christmas tree tonight.this year's tree came from a national forest in alaska.this is video of last year's tree. the 74-foot lutzspruce traveled four-r-thousand mimis by land and sea to washington, will feature thousands of ornaments, made by children and others in alaska.the tree will be lit each day from sundown to 11 p-m through january first. also in the holiday spirit, some middle schoolers in western iowa. they showed off their skills with a festive lights display. take a programming students in programming students in sioux city synced music ranging from the star wars theme to don't stop believing by journey to this light show.they used more than 81-thousand lights and 20 miles of wires for the display.
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's coming up next... next...the new information that some restaurants will have to give their customers about the food their eating.
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new regulations ararset to go into effect in new york city over warning labels for salty food. food.large restaurants will have to give more information to their customers. customers.max gomez has the story: story: salt.a little bit t it is essential for life.but too much of it can be deadly... research shows that salt is a major contributor to heart attacks, strokes... and more. (dr howard weintraub/nyu langone medical center)"along with being directly linked to hi blood pressure., we now have credible info that it can
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blood vessel//butted tohurting the inner lining has potential to damage the kidney, to damage the small vesssss of the eye, of the brain."which is what led the board of health to unanimously vote to require that restaurant chains with more than 15 outlets nationally to add a salt shaker icon to their menu items thatatcontain more than 2300 milligrams of salt, which is only about a teaspoon of salt.(dr mary bassett /nyc dept of health commissioner)"when you see this warning label, you know that thth has more than the total amount of sodium you should consume in a single day. in that one item." surprisingly, that amount of salt for the most part doesn't come from the salt we shake on ououfood... it's prepared with that salt.a prime rib has more than 3500 milligrams. a bacon cheeseburger... almost 46 hundred milligrams.the ceo of new york metro applebees restaurants says they're already on board... being the first to add the salt warning icons to their menus... as long as it's voluntary.(zane tankel/ny metro applebee's) "we're not the food police, we're interested in
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people decide for themselves." the labeling regulation goes into effect tomorrow but won't result in any fines until march of next year.the bigger issue is whether this additional information will actually result in any new yorkers changing their eating habits.(mos - no font)"it won't change mine, it mimit change some others but i kinda doubt it.(mos - no font)"i
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it's and you're watching cbs 2 this morning... morning...after the break... break...the big changes coming to one of the most iconic
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welcome back -- it's now we're taking a look at your_______ your_______ stocks kicked off december on a positive note: the dow ended up 168 and the nasdaq gained 47. and the s and p 500 'ained 22. cyber monday was a recoco- breaker for online retailing. collected by adobe says just over three billion dollars in online orders were made monday.that smashes a record set just days earlier on black friday.i-b-m says customererspent an
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cyber monday purchases.the biggest seller for cyber monday was toys and electronics.among the more popular toys -- the barbie dream house, shopkins toys,s, stst wars lego sets and lego dimensions. its been a good year for car companies. companies.the u-s auto industry is on track to hit record sales for the year. sales forecasts are expecteded to top one-point-three million dollars in november alone.that would bring the yearly total to more than 15-million vehicles..general motors -- ford -- fiat chrysler and toyota all posted improved monthly sales compared to the year before. ford is bringing new jobs to its truck plant in louisville -- kentucky. kentucky.the automaker says it will add two-thousand jobs to the plant as part of a one-point-three billion dollar investment to build its next generation of super duty trucks.the new truck will be made of aluminum to cut weight and improve fuel economy.the jobs are among 85-hundred positions that ford promised to add as part of its latest contract with the united auto workers union.
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doing very hot lately is volkswagen. volkswagen.u-s sales of volkswagon vehicles plunged 25- percent last month compared to the same period last year.the drop comes as they struggle with a growing emissions scandal.l.the automaker has admitted that up to 11 million diesel cars worldwide came with software that can cheat emissions says it must recall nearly half-a-million cars in the u-s and millions more in europe. since the scandal broke -- v-w has replaced its c-e-o and offered 500-dollar cash yment to people affected in the u-s. mcdonald's is testing out table service at some restaurants... restaurants...the company is seeing how it works to serve customers at thier seats. they're also adding in a new sandwich menu called "tastecrafted."it a aows you to customize your choice of beef or chicken with a selection of buns and toppings. right now these experiments are only happening in southern word on if it will go nationwide. delivery service! service!their partnering with the on demand service
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delivery in 45 minutes or less. less.we'll have to wait a bit longer for it.right now they are testing it out in dallala -- atlanta -- chicago -- los angeles and washington, d-c. it's still to come... come...the medical breakthrough that's letting one woman do what most of us take for granted.
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this holiday, ford america's be-selling brand isiving you more. the ford holiday sales event... with 0% financing for 60 months onon015 f-150 and focus and 2016 fusion and escape. plus 1,000 dollars holiday bonus cash on 2015 focus and 2016 fusion and escape. it's the best gift ever. now during the ford holiday sales event get 0% financing for 60 months plus 1,000 dollars holiday bonus cash on select vehicles.
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here's a look at some of eastern iowa's top stories -- on this morning... the cedar rapipi police department is holding a police k-9 memorial dedication today at noon in sunner park.police are honoring the 23 k-9's that have served the police department.right now -- the department has six k-9 teams. the public is encouraged to attend. a 12-year-old from marion will be the iowa hawkeyes kid
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hawks take on ichigan state the big ten title a young age kaelea butterfield was diagnosed with severe life- threatening she must take daily medications and pay attention to her symptoms.kaelea loves to paint her r nails and play with her younger siblings. a first of it's kind surgery to tell you about ts morning, by ear nose and throat specialists.'s given one woman back something she couldn't imagine living without, her voice.liz bonis shares the details. details. by the time linda eakin met doctor sid khosla,,she could barely breath or eat,, let alone speak --but shhh..listen now: ** sot **< linda eaean/patient 19: 39: 15 i needed somebody to do something,,it was my last was my last hope>** vo **linda had complications from surgery due to cancer of the larynx.** sot **** vo **eventually hehe got the folds started,,and a smooth airway he showed me on
5:41 am
he needed to build a blood supply and cartilage to do that --** sot **< 19: 33: 35 so we put a rib in the forarm,,and let it vascularize,, >** vo ** that's right,,he put one of lindas ribs in her forearm,, for about two months.** sot **< 19:38: 50 this was exactly where the rib was attached,, >** vo **it then vascularized,,or got its own blood supply to he could transplanted the arm tissue,, skin and rib with the blood supply to lindas neck. nene.he then used it to o rebuild her adams apple and repair neck damage,,so she could breath,,eat and talk again.** sot **** sot **< 19:35: 17 we are working with how her body is healing.>** vo**lilia and her husband bob,,say it's been a long journey,, and there's still more that needs to be done --but without a doubt,,just to make it this far --** sot **
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linda actually travels from ohio to texas to see her dococr. doctor.her next check up visit is in january. if you're just getting up, good morning. it's now you're watching c-b-s 2 this morning -- covering the corridor. corridor.- covering the 2 this morning -watching c-b-s you're watching c-b-s 2 this morning -
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